The Industries We Serve

friendly smiling woman wearing headset working in telemarketing contact center that serves healthcare, education, retail, financial, utilities, and nonprofit industries

Healthcare – As comprehensive call center service providers, Ansafone Contact Centers offers expertise in delivering outsourced multi-channel contact center support services.  Professionally trained and certified agents coupled with cutting edge technology strategically support the demands required of a healthcare contact center, in order to best service you. When it comes to member services and generating new enrollments, we can lower your operational costs effectively through outsourced contact center services.

Education – Ansafone Contact Centers has over forty years of experience in the call center industry and over twenty years of successful partnerships with educational institutions across the country. Our educational contact center can help you achieve goals such as student recruitment and enrollment support.

Retail – Over forty years of experience makes Ansafone Contact Centers not only the best call center company, but also your trusted partner in retail. Our multi-channel, retail customer support services help your business grow by enabling you to engage and connect with your customers. We are also PCI certified because we understand how critical it is to keep your customers’ information secure. Additionally, our services allow you to increase consumer awareness of your brand, improve your customer service, and extend the reach and effectiveness of your customer outreach programs.

Financial – Ansafone Contact Centers is your most trusted and reliable partner in the financial industry. Our experienced customer service outsourcing solutions will give your company the competitive edge over others. Ansafone understands the challenges you face in your ever-changing industry, and is well-equipped to help. Our advanced technology, professionally trained agents, and 40+ years of experience will help you be prepared for marketplace competition, as well as new challenges in providing exceptional customer care to retain current customers and obtain new ones.

Utilities – The sky is the limit for your utility company with Ansafone Contact Centers’ vast call center and answering service expertise. We offer comprehensive utility call center services including multi-channel customer support, 24/7/365 availability, and more to improve your sales and exceed your expectations.

Non-profits – Ansafone Contact Centers utilizes our award-winning platform to provide experienced non-profit call center services for your organization. We help your business reach a wider audience and increase donation support for your non-profit efforts with the assistance of automated dialing. You can rely on Ansafone to represent your efforts in the most enthusiastic, cost-effective, and efficient way possible.

Tax/Accounting – With Ansafone Contact Centers’ call center and answering services, you can rest assure that your calls will be answered and responded to as you would respond yourself. Our professionally trained agents tactically support the demands of the accounting industry through our advanced technology, multi-channel customer support, and more. With our comprehensive call center services, you are able to get your work done during your busiest season, while we focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Hospitality – Ansafone Contact Centers’ multi-channel customer support services help you seamlessly respond to the non-stop needs of the challenging hospitality industry. Our professionally trained contact center agents will enthusiastically and diligently work to make sure your guests and prospective visitors are satisfied with each interaction. Our 24/7/365 services and years of experience will allow you to cost-effectively improve customer service during your busiest seasons!