Nonprofit Donation Support

pile of various nonprofit support bracelets

As a nonprofit or not-for-profit organization, you rely on the contributions and efforts of others. Nonprofit donation support is an integral part of your operations, and must be executed in the most efficient way possible. With your need for a carefully managed budget, Ansafone can help you cost-effectively reach a wider audience to drive donations. Ansafone can support your mission and convey it to your donors through embracing your organizational vision. Proper agent selection and training ensures we represent your efforts by expressing passion, empathy and enthusiasm so your donors feel good about contributing to your organization.

Our outbound call center services provide the perfect solution for your nonprofit donation support and all other needs of your organization. When manually calling past donors, a high number of calls result in busy signals, answering machines, fax machines, or no answer. Ansafone’s fundraising call center services automate the dialing process by using a Predictive Dialer to lower your cost per contact. Our Predictive Dialer only connects calls with live recipients, which means a higher number of calls, increased contacts, and higher number successful live answers. We build innovative and salable program support platforms which provide the level of flexibility required to deliver consistently outstanding services to your donors.

Contact us today at (800) 510-0514 to learn more about our award-winning platform and how we can provide experienced nonprofit call center services as well as other support solutions for your organization.