Healthcare Member Retention Services

group of friendly health professionals smiling about member retention

This past year, we have all heard about the Obama healthcare bill (the Affordable Care Act) and how it will change the face of American healthcare. The health plan has probably created some feelings of insecurity within your company in terms of the possible expenses and healthcare member retention among your employees.  Ansafone is ready to work with you through these changing times and with issues of healthcare member retention.

Ansafone’s healthcare member retention call center services can be beneficial to your company in a variety of ways. We offer over a decade of experience supporting health plans in Southern California and throughout the nation. Our broad scope of services covers several member and provider support channels in both inbound and outbound capacities. Our healthcare specialists are HIPAA trained and certified, and have over five years of healthcare member and provider services experience. We understand that healthcare member retention is a priority, especially in the face of the current health care crisis, so we have taken every measure to ensure that we are fully equipped to service your needs.

Our healthcare member retention capabilities include the management of several outreach strategies, such as: welcome calls, member retention and enrollment/eligibility programs, healthcare effectiveness data and information set (HEDIS) preventative care initiatives, and many Ad-hoc campaigns around member services and retention.

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