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Educational Call Center – Student Recruitment

Though not always thought of as a business, Education has critical business issues to contend with. Having the right number is students to fill classrooms and dorms is an important part in determining the long-term viability of educational facilities. Can an educational call center help support the student recruitment and enrollment process? The answer is yes!

Ansafone has over 20 years of successful partnerships within the education. We offer essential education call center support such as student services communications and lead generation for student recruitment to assist in your school’s growth, allowing you to focus on other key areas of your organization. Through our flexible technology we are able to effectively match courses to campus locations for your prospective students. With each contact we verify and validate mailing addresses against North American databases to help ensure your marketing efforts are maximized. Outsourced student recruitment services can save you time and money.


Inbound call center service are an important aspect of your operations. Ansafone provides Career Advisor Support to a variety of career colleges and universities throughout the nation. We facilitate a Career Advisor line and discuss appropriate career paths with prospective students, set up financial aid appointments with internal career advisors, and provide follow up calls to ensure students received appropriate support throughout the process. By integrating with the school’s CRM, we can provide complete and accurate information and make real-time changes to student profiles. We also provide detailed reporting on all communication we deliver on your behalf.

If you have the need for a partner to qualify your student leads before getting to your admissions team we can help you! We take direct response calls to ensure all information gathering is done up front and validate the caller as a prospective student who would benefit from the programs available at your campus locations or online.

Still not sure about what Ansafone can do for you? We have a working relationship with one of the largest North American career education companies, and have supported with several business building communication programs. Check out the case study we recently published in regards to this particular organization. This case demonstrates how Ansafone can considerably lower your abandonment rate and increase your sales conversion.

Do you provide the ability for your prospective students to speak to someone anytime day or night to get more information on programs? We can take your calls and schedule appointments, provide directions as well as basic information. Most importantly, we capture all the necessary data so you may follow up with the prospective student the next business day. As you can see, Ansafone is simply a seamless extension of you.


Outbound call center services are just as important as your inbound operations. We conduct outbound survey facilitation to ensure each campus has thoroughly covered the financial aid process. We validate each student clearly understands the amount of their loan, the cost of each credit, transferability of credits, and a full review of the financial aid forms relating to private and institutional financing. These measures are in place to ensure compliance with the Department of Education and internal campus policies and procedures. In the event the survey did not meet any criterion that is consistent with the policies and procedures, it is sent back to the campus for follow up. Once the campus addresses the areas, a follow up call is made to ensure each survey receives the desired result in every section.

If you are currently unable to follow up with your aged leads, Ansafone’s educational call center team can take care of that for you! We provide support for clients who would like to reconnect with leads that have not yet completed the enrollment process. We can help you re-engage with these potential students who showed an initial interest.

With over 20 years of experience, let Ansafone convert your leads into new students! Outsourcing your student recruitment could be a very sound business decision. Call us today at (800) 510-0514 and together we’ll develop a strategy to support your recruiting goals.