Retail Order Taking


One of the largest candy manufacturers in the nation was in search of a customer service solution that would assist them with after hours, overflow and seasonal call center support. The company offers more than 100 varieties of premium chocolates selling them by phone and internet orders and in 200 retail locations. All customer service calls were managed by an in-house staff.

The company experiences high call spikes from September through December in addition to other seasonal periods.

Additional help for overflow and after hours support was necessary. The decision to outsource the order entry function was initiated to better serve customers. The desired solution must meet the company’s requirements for multi-lingual capabilities, provide standardization, improve processes, reduce costs and increase scalability.

After careful analysis, the candy manufacturer chose Ansafone, a leading US-based contact center as their partner. This decision was based on Ansafone’s operational model, quality and cost-effectiveness.


In 2005, Ansafone began providing seasonal overflow call center services and taking order entry calls for the candy manufacturer. The scope of the project consisted of after hours, overflow and seasonal call support for the company.

Ansafone receives high call volume during late September through early January. They take an average of 8,000 calls per month to over 50,000 calls per month during the holiday season. In spite of this huge rise in calls, Ansafone is able to maintain exceptional service levels for the company. Their performance, as it relates to revenue per order, meets and often exceeds that of the in-house call center.

Ansafone analyzed the needs of the candy manufacturer and recommended a shared agent model for their after hour, overflow and seasonal volume calls. Instead of hiring full time staff to take their increased call volume, Ansafone allowed them to pay only for the minutes they utilized, which resulted in a 30% reduction in labor costs.

Ansafone’s strength and experience is in providing the appropriate staff for the corresponding program through its performance driven culture. Hiring the best talent in the industry achieves process improvement, operational efficiency and scalability. Ansafone finds the ideal customer service representatives through systematic skill profiling and an extensive recruiting process. The CSRs possess a combination of customer service and problem solving skills designed to meet or exceed the needs of each program. Ansafone’s culture contributes to employee retention and lower training costs, providing tenured CSRs who have a familiarity with the candy manufacturer’s product.

Ansafone conducts extensive customer service training and client specific sales strategies. Best practices are leveraged across all customer care programs, including call handling and problem solving techniques.


Improved scalability and cost savings by 30%, exceeded revenue goals by 20%, reduced average wait ti me by 34% which resulted in a reduction of abandoned calls and increased customer satisfaction.

The shared agent model deployed by Ansafone, not only created the scalability that the program required, it also produced an average savings of 48% per call for the afterhours and overflow work. The client was able to avoid paying fixed costs for dedicated agents. The shared agent model is effective for the multilingual requirements, allowing for greater flexibility to support the candy manufacturer’s diverse customer base.

Ansafone consistently exceeds the revenue goals set by the client during the seasonal peak. This is partly due to regularly exceeding the average order size goals set by the client. Our agents consistently exceeded the client’s internal staff for up-sells by over 6%.

Also, by providing quality people and effective processes, Ansafone was able to reduce average wait time by 34%. Fewer abandoned calls, along with up-selling the customers, created the increased revenue for the client; these improved processes also enhanced the customer experience. Promptly and efficiently taking orders for customers creates high customer satisfaction. Through this increased customer satisfaction, Ansafone has added value to the client’s brand.

Overall, Ansafone has implemented a solution that is delivering increased efficiency, quality and customer satisfaction.

Understanding key metrics helps drive the highest value.

Ansafone exceeded the revenue goal by 20% Ansafone = 30% overall savings