Member Services

Case Study Objective: Reduce Costs and Improve Customer Service

In 2008, a leading California-based medical group began searching for a HIPAA-compliant replacement for their existing in-house member services department. They had experienced recent growth and needed to account for their growing patient needs without running over budget. Anxious to improve their customer service reputation and reduce overhead costs, they looked towards contact call centers to address these concerns.

Ansafone Delivers Customer Care Solutions

The medical group selected Ansafone to launch their new outsourced member services program within a 90-day period. Ready to step up to the plate, Ansafone suggested a Citrix connection to give patients secure access to the medical group’s internal systems. Although slow at the start, Ansafone worked with the company’s IT department and quickly developed a faster system that could field more calls and handle the fluctuations in call volume throughout the day.


With Ansafone’s assistance and guidance, the medical group demonstrated tremendous growth. With the speed and skill of Ansafone call center representatives, fewer than 3% of calls were abandoned by patients during the trial and overhead costs were reduced by 42%.

Why It Works

Ansafone conducts an exhaustive recruiting process to find top notch candidates that possess exceptional customer service and problem solving skills to meet the needs of their assigned program. To ensure that new hires are placed in their best fit program, all employees undergo systematic skill profiling.

Training is priority at contact centers. For call center representatives to effectively address patient concerns, they need to be prepared for a myriad of different situations and provide industry specifics. To that end, Ansafone provides an extensive training program on communication, phone etiquette, and customer service strategies for all entering employees.

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