Financial Services


A large financial services company was in need of efficient call center services to help with their call volume and support their diverse customer base. The organization, an insurance and investment specialist with 15 million customers in 25 countries, could not support their call volume with their in-house call centers. The company decided to outsource several of their customer support functions to multiple vendors.

The solution providers needed to support standardization, improve processes, reduce costs, increase scalability and possess the technology to support the company’s growth. The financial services company chose Ansafone, a leading US-based contact center company, as their partner for several of their customer support needs. This decision was based on their operational model, quality and cost-effectiveness.


In 2001, Ansafone launched a small support project for the company’s Long Term Care sales agents. The initial service was to capture basic data points and set an expectation for a returned call. Within months, Ansafone’s role evolved into the company’s full service center solution, providing assistance with all sales agent needs.

In 2004, a bilingual program was introduced for inbound customer support. This included such functions as directory assistance, virtual receptionist and multi-product lead generation. The program consisted of a combination of dedicated and shared agents to meet the service level requirements. An outbound component was launched consisting of outbound calls to facilitate customer service and agent satisfaction surveys, using the “Net Promoter Score” philosophy.

As a result of the successful partnership, the company looked to Ansafone as part of their business continuity plan for fixed annuity, and long term care policyholder services support. Ansafone was granted VPN access into the company’s servers to service the calls with the same tools and software as used internally.

Ansafone receives approximately 40% of the daily call traffic for these areas. As of 2009, Ansafone provides services for six different divisions of the company in ten different capacities. They have partnered with the company to implement innovative solutions and best practices unique to each role.

Key value drivers for the programs are customer satisfaction, quality calibration, average handle time and alignment with company’s core principles. Ansafone’s quality approach has put them in the position of leading call center vendor for all key driver metrics. In 2006, Ansafone was recognized as Vendor of the Year from a pool of 7,000 suppliers. Recognition was based on quality and being aligned with the financial services company’s internal culture.

Ansafone’s strength and experience is providing the appropriate staff for the corresponding program through its performance driven culture. Hiring the best talent in the industry achieves process improvement, operational efficiency and scalability. Ansafone finds the ideal customer service representatives through systematic skill profiling and extensive recruiting process. The CSRs possess a combination of customer service and problem solving skills designed to meet or exceed the needs of each program.

Ansafone conducts extensive customer service training and client specific strategies. Best practices are leveraged across all customer care programs, including call handling and problem solving techniques.


Ansafone has provided their client with efficient call handling which has resulted in a 10% annual savings. As a result, they consistently outperform the client’s other call center vendors. Comparatively, Ansafone average handle time is about 8% lower, customer satisfaction ratings are 12% higher, and their overall service rating is 10% higher. These metrics not only save the client money directly, but provide an enhanced customer experience. Promptly and proactively generating pertinent information and responses for customers creates high customer satisfaction.

Overall, Ansafone has implemented a solution that is delivering greater efficiencies, quality and customer satisfaction.

Ansafone’s Overall Service Rating is 10% higher than the company’s other call center vendors Ansafone’s Overall Cost = 10% Lower Than In-House Call Center