Education Case Study


One of the largest North American career education companies was in need of high volume call center services that would assist them with direct response and inbound lead generation. The U.S. and Canadian organization receives approximately 5,000 calls per day. Within their in-house call center they handle direct response and inbound lead generation calls. They felt they needed an additional resource to support 25% of the call volume, convert a large percentage of calls into sales and maximize the revenue potential for every interaction.

Meeting the program objectives would require highly skilled bilingual agents with proficient knowledge of the services they would be selling, communications skills and the ability to convert a complex sale.

After an extensive search conducted on several outsourcing companies, Ansafone was chosen for the program based on their knowledge, experience and proven results in the direct response arena.


Prior to launching the program, Ansafone analyzed the company’s needs and objectives. They determined that the program would be best served with agents who were highly skilled in sophisticated sales and scripted techniques to sell complex services.

Since the program has large call spikes and a 24/7 operation schedule was required, Ansafone recommended a shared agent environment. Working from a shared pool of bilingual agents from multiple sites, Ansafone is fully equipped to handle major call spikes generated from targeted media buys. Ansafone’s agents have expertise in high volume, hard and soft sell offers, inquiry processing and are dedicated to maximizing the net revenue per media dollar spent.

Ansafone’s strengths are in providing the appropriate staff for the corresponding program through its performance driven culture. Hiring the best talent in the industry helps achieve process improvement and operational efficiency. Through a systematic skill profiling and extensive recruiting process, Ansafone finds the ideal candidates. The candidates possess a combination of sales, customer service and problem solving skills to meet the needs for each of their programs.

As specialists at converting sales leads into customers for clients, Ansafone utilizes a consultative approach to creative problem solving. Agents are well trained, motivated and driven to make the sale. Ansafone’s extensive agent training and evaluation is proven to deliver superior results.

Clear, achievable goals are set for our sales agents. Bonuses and incentives are in place and tied to client’s key performance indicators. In addition, a balanced scorecard is in place to assure consistency and high level of service.

Best practices are leveraged across all sales programs, including overcoming objections and closing techniques. Understanding key metrics helps drive the highest value.


Conversion rate is by far the largest driver of performance in this type of program. Since the implementation of the program in 2004, Ansafone has increased sales conversion to 33%, an increase of 12%. The abandonment rate is at a low 6%, which is unheard of for a typical direct response campaign.

Objectives are exceeded by providing more accurate reports, increased sales conversions and maximizing revenue per interaction. Ansafone has many partners in the direct response industry and we understand that every call is an opportunity to connect with your customers and drive more sales. Ansafone is a partner who has experience across the entire spectrum of direct response marketing to help minimize costs and maximize each dollar and every interaction.

Ansafone’s abandonment rate is 6% lower than the industry average Ansafone’s Sales Conversion = 12% Higher