Creating A Continuous Customer Feedback Loop

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It’s A Continuous Customer Feedback Loop With Ansafone’s Call Center Services

Call centers collect a variety of data points on behalf of their clients. Phone conversations, live chats, text messages, email communications, and social media engagements are all stored digitally and can be mined for valuable customer insights. Brands can gather insights into consumer satisfaction issues, buying preferences, competitive product influences, and even insights into product improvements that if implemented, could have the potential to increase adoption and market share. Mining the call center services data you already have access to can allow you to in a sense “listen” to your customers’ voice. “Listening” can truly differentiate your brand.

Ansafone collects the data from every encounter with your customers. In real-time, and in a variety of formats, we gather the insights important to your brand. In addition to a high-touch customer support philosophy, Ansafone offers you the option to survey your customers from time-to-time to really understand their feelings and attitudes toward your company and brands.

Our Social Media Customer Support Service, Ansafone VOC (Voice of the Customer), is a service that collects consumer comments from the social web platforms that are important to you. You’ll know what users on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social and review sites are saying about you. This service allows you to know where and how to engage with users online with the goal of forging loyal and long-term relationships.

Ansafone provides the data and tools needed to help brands create a continuous engagement loop with their customers. Our goal is to support our clients in developing and maintaining an engaged client base. Our call center services go beyond the telephone to digital contact and the social web.

To explore how Ansafone can help you create a continuous loop for your client engagements, please give is a call at (866) 309-3606.