Social Media Marketing Services

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If you’ve already begun social media marketing and are delivering user generated programs and are buried by the avalanche of tasks associated with generating interest in your program, reviewing and approving content before posting, communications with users during your program, and back-end communication analytics, Ansafone offers the social media mediation services needed to help you today! Participating with you, we’ll deliver a rapid and positive experience for your user generated contests, sweepstakes, and promotions by completing a variety of important tasks and analytics to support your wrap-up reports.

Ansafone will monitor your contests and mediate photos, videos, written comments, tweets, text messages, and blog postings to ensure they conform to your specified guidelines and rules. Our social media marketing team is available to significantly reduce the time required to build awareness of your program, the turn-around time for initial “get the word out” communications, and the time required for posting new user generated content on different social media sites. Our services will increase the speed in which contestant invitations are sent to request their friends and family to vote and get involved with your program. If entries are rejected, we’ll reply to the participant by email, text, or a Tweet explaining why their entry was rejected and encourage them to re-submit based on your guidelines.

In addition to mediation of user generated content, our team can provide more social media monitoring tools that can assist you with fraud detection and flag for your review any “irregular” voting patterns with your user generated programs such as online contests, promotions, and sweepstakes.

Beyond Mediation – Comprehensive Call Center Services For Your Social Media Initiatives

Call centers are evolving to become the communication hub for brands. Our bilingual contact center can provide the tools you need for an effective social media marketing solution and a strong social media presence. Ansafone Voice of the Customer (VoC) social media customer support services will:

  • Monitor online conversations that could affect your brand , providing you with insights as to how, where, and when to engage with users.
  • Significantly speed content mediation – increased user satisfaction – add velocity to viral participation and spread, and ignite social media interest from users worldwide.
  • Provide mediation of all user generated content on a 24/7/365  basis – speeds the viral uplift of your programs which can be in the 60%+ range.
  • Provide you with insights for lead generation social media marketing programs
  • Surveys and NPS – gather user insights

With Ansafone, you can feel confident you’ve outsourced  the details of your user generated program to a partner who will complete the tasks and provide you with the analytics you need. Our services are designed to support awareness building, consistent communication with users across a variety of channels, and speed the viral velocity of your programs.

Contact us today at (800) 510-0514 and get off the sidelines when it comes supporting your brand by using contact center services for social media!