Lead Generation

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At Ansafone, we understand that lead generation is crucial for sales organizations and for the predictable growth of your company. When it comes to lead generation, a call center can be very useful for contacting prospects, delivering the initial qualification, appointment setting, and lead nurturing for your sales team.

Lead generation allows you to identify the customers and businesses that are your best possible prospects. It is a great way to identify who is really interested in your products and services. With Ansafone’s telemarketing lead generation services, we work alongside your team,  helping you maximize your marketing ROI and developing a genuine sales pipeline that can lead to more accurate sales forecasts.

The nature of lead generation depends on the decision process of the buyer. For complex products and services requiring an extensive decision process, Ansafone can help identify, educate, and qualify prospects before deploying your more expensive sales resources. This enables your team spend their time focusing on true leads!

Whether you are targeting the business-to-consumer (B2C) market or the business-to-business (B2B) market, lead generation is an effective, dynamic, flexible and powerful tool for any business seeking to generate leads, build a solid pipeline, and/or conduct market research.

Prospective customers are identified by various means including past purchase history, previous requests for information (online or offline), sales activities that ended in no decision, lost opportunities, credit limit, and application forms. The qualification process is intended to determine which customers are most likely to purchase your product or service and their timeframe for the purchase. We have the ability to warm transfer the lead to your internal employees so they can quickly continue the sales process, or, we can set up an appointment providing an opportunity for your sales staff to discuss your product or service offerings in more detail.

Once Ansafone’s lead generation contact center program is implemented we can provide you with additional services to support converting the new leads into new customers. We can provide inbound sales support for your company. Our professionally trained  sales agents are skilled in closing sales, supporting your retention efforts, delivering rebuttals, and overcoming objections with confidence, and enthusiasm.

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