Direct Response – Lead Capture & Gathering

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An excellent Direct Response marketing campaign can generate explosive consumer demand. Direct Response often features ads appearing on TV, radio and/or in print offering consumers nearly irresistible incentives to call and make and immediate purchase. Ansafone offers more than the typical telemarketing service— we offer the capacity of a Direct Response call center and can support your campaign with flexible services that are designed to accommodate peak demand periods and unpredictable inbound calling.

There is another side to Direct Response inquiries or to the many online inquiries made about products online. Not every Direct Response caller makes a purchase in the moment. Some inquiries made about the products you sell using direct response could represent purchases that take place in the future. Your marketing investments can still pay dividends. In fact, we are seeing a growing number of callers who phone have actually saved the number for future buying decisions.

Ansafone can help with lead capture and gathering services . Ansafone’s lead gathering services can help you capture and manage inquiries made at your website that has the potential to extend the effectiveness of your the helps you turn inquiries into leads and identify where your investment in marketing dollars will pay off. Our top-of-the-line contact center software can provide detailed reporting on different metrics you’d like to track during your partnership with Ansafone. For example, we can offer customer feedback reporting helping you to identify contact information and demographic data. Turning leads into customers is critical for leveraging your marketing investments and improving bottom-line results.

Customer care is a priority in our direct response call center.  Our professionally trained call center agents are there to respond to your incoming calls and sell the product being marketed, or at the very least, collect the necessary information for follow-up selling efforts.

Don’t waste your marketing investment by allowing your inbound calls to go unanswered. If you already use the services of a direct response call center, Ansafone can be there to support you with overflow services to accommodate peak demand periods.

Ansafone will manage your leads 24/7/365. We’ll design a direct response and lead gather program that’s tailored to meet your needs. Ansafone’s direct response call center services will help leverage your marketing investment by making sure all of your leads are captured around the clock. Contact use today at (800) 510-0514 to discuss out approach for delivering Direct Response – Lead Capture and Gathering programs.