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Customer Satisfaction Research & Surveys

customer research

The call center has become the cornerstone of many companies’ customer service strategy as they realize how call center transactions can effect overall customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty. Customer satisfaction research and surveys that target customer service transactions can enlighten brands regarding consumers sentiments – both positive, negative, and neutral.

We are all doing business in an era where the power of social media can profoundly influence the reputation of your brand. Customer satisfaction and operational excellence remain the long-lasting competitive advantages that differentiate a mediocre experience from a memorable experience. In order to ensure a delighted customer, measuring customer satisfaction correctly and efficiently is crucial.

When executed properly, customer surveys can provide valuable information  about contact center and organizational operations. Customer surveys can reveal procedural or product issues that may not otherwise be known. This enables organizations to address concerns before they become a crisis and identify market opportunities before their competitors. Ansafone utilizes methods such as the Net Promoter Score in its customer surveys, but we are willing to work with you to craft a program that would work best for your organization.

Even if you have a detailed yet easy-to-use survey using targeted survey questions, the way in which the survey is given can affect the number and quality of responses. Ansafone’s phone surveys can capture up to 70% more responses than a traditional email survey. This allows us to engage the customer in an interactive discussion and gathers even more valuable information about their specific experience. Your survey results can be sent to an email distribution real time for immediate access, posted to an FTP site, or we can provide you with portal access to view the results in your preferred format. Ansafone has the ability to create a Performa of the analytics, highlighting areas of strengths and opportunities.

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