Appointment Setting

black and white calendar snippet with word appointment circled in red

Ansafone’s telemarketing appointment setting services team is often your customers’ first point of contact. As such, we recognize the importance of first impressions! How many opportunities are you losing because your contacts will not take a proactive step in setting an appointment on their own? Our team will help guide them through the process using FAQs, features and benefits, and retention practices based on your specific goals to assist them in making the commitment. We partner with various industries, such as healthcare, entertainment, education, clinical trials/ research studies, and property management. Ansafone’s call center appointment setting services are available to support you 24/7/356.

We differentiate our company from other telemarketing services by offering a custom program to tailor to all your needs. We create effective appointment scripting  to ensure we are facilitating your calls in the proper manner. We can utilize your calendar or design one for you, allowing you full visibility to your appointments or bookings. Ansafone provides you with real-time access to your appointments and lead generation data.

Our training program is focused on lead qualification and the appointment setting process. We facilitate reminders, follow ups, and rescheduling of appointments to ensure you capture a higher success rate. If you need a liaison to coordinate schedules between your customers/ employees/ vendors, our appointment setting call center team is the answer for you!

Call us today to see how our skilled call center appointment setting team can support your lead qualification and appointment coordination.