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Tier I Technical Support

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Call Center Tier 1 Technical Support Services

Ansafone provides services to technology clients nationwide and can provide the first stage technical support call center services your company needs. Tier 1 Technical Support Services from Ansafone can save you money by allowing our agents to respond to initial client support calls, freeing you more senior technical support engineers to focus on more complex customer support issues.

Some of our technical support clients opt for an overflow or after-hours model to help when their Tier 1 Technical Support Services lines are filled with callers. Of course, Ansafone can also serve as your outsourced first line Tier 1 Technical Support Services resource. Regardless of what business model you’d prefer, we have the tools and professionals needed to ensure your success.

Think of our agents as extensions of your company, and your own team of technical support specialists. We can assist end users by resetting passwords, opening tickets, basic troubleshooting, etc. Ansafone’s experienced Tier 1 agents receive detailed training that enables them to ask the right questions and isolate problems efficiently. Our agents strive for first call resolution in order to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

The technical support we provide is tailored to your needs and business processes. Telephone calls, chats, and emails are all answered in your company’s name allowing Ansafone to be a seamless extension of you. Integrating your unique process flow, Ansafone’s Tier 1 Technical Team can resolve the problem, or when necessary, determine when a customer support issue requires escalation for further follow-up within your organization.

Contact us today at (800) 510-0514 and learn more about Ansafone’s technical support contact center and how we can help you with your support needs.