Consumer Affairs and Product Recalls

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Support for your Consumer Affairs and Product Recalls

Whether through Voice, Chat, Email, Web Forms, or Social Media, your customers that want to express a concern or complaint want to know you are there and value their feedback by listening, acknowledging and documenting their concern with respect, empathy and professionalism. Providing a single form of contact for your customers, when they are using multiple communication channels to reach you, will probably prove to be less and less effective. Providing consumers with a broader range of call center communication channels during consumer affairs product recalls can truly benefit your brand. This is why Ansafone offers comprehensive consumer affairs call center services, to ensure that your business is ready to appropriately handle all types of customer concerns.

In the age of social media, one unhappy customer can rapidly influence thousands of other customers, or potential customers, affected by a consumer affairs consumer product recall related issue. Promptly addressing these areas before they go viral in a negative way is crucial in maintaining consumer confidence.

Your willingness and ability to listen to ‘The Voice of the Customer’ and implement a Social Media Response Management strategy will have a huge impact on your overall customer satisfaction and undoubtedly play a vital role in protecting your brand and contribute to your company’s success.

At Ansafone, our Consumer Affairs & Recalls trained call center staff has the skills and expertise to receive and document a customer’s concern with empathy, courtesy and efficiency. This allows you the freedom and flexibility to focus on your day-to-day operations knowing you are supported by a Consumer Affairs response team that is responding to issues based on your company protocols.

Customers who feel respected and appreciated in spite of an initial concern or disappointment often become some of the most loyal customers your company can have. During an issue where there is a product recall, rapidly deployed call center services by Ansafone can be there to support you.

Recalls are a common occurrence in the auto, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries. Get call center services to prepare for every unexpected situation.

Contact Ansafone today at (800) 510-0514 to see how our Consumer Affairs and Product Recall bilingual call center team can partner with you to help ensure your customers remain loyal for life.