Email Management & Support

gray blue and black laptop computer with envelopes flying into it representing email services

There are huge benefits to providing your customers with an email service option. This Ansafone service provides your customers with instant access to an easy to use email interface that assist with them with inquiries and service needs. This benefit is a cost effective solution to support your business and helps to ensure your customers’ needs are addressed within your desired time frame. Ansafone’s agents are there to provide email support services your customers 24 hours a day – every day of the year, including holidays, when you are not immediately available.

Ansafone delivers comprehensive training programs that give our agents all the tools they will need to assist your customers. In addition, our agents can, if given permission, access your own systems (CRM, databases, etc.) to all transactions are updated and properly documented. We provide comprehensive real-time reporting and quality assurance reviews to provide full transparency of the service we provide to your customers.

Ansafone’s email support management service can stand alone or be bundled with other Ansafone services. Our skilled agents are trained to facilitate all types of interactions. Emails are queued just like inbound/outbound calls and are routed to agents based on their expertise and training.

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