Call Center Reporting – An Important Tool for Your Business

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Viewing The Details – Call Ansafone’s Call Center Reporting

Prior to launching Ansafone’s call center services, we develop a thorough understanding of the metrics you’d like to track. Ansafone’s reporting capabilities has the singular goal of delivering concise information that’s tailored to your needs.

Ansafone graphically lays out the report structures you require to ensure all reports meet your expectations. We ensure your key measures are accounted for before our call center services are implement.

Ansafone’s call center performance report stats are collects after every customer interaction with our agents – no matter the contact type of interaction – phone, email, text message, Tweet, web form, or social media support. Our report platform collects stats that are written and updated several times each hour. In near real time you’ll have the ability to review the performance measure important to your customer support program.

Ansafone’s client reporting provides insights into:

  • Service levels achieved
  • Calls abandoned and the reasons for abandonment
  • Average talk times
  • Outcomes achieved
  • Number of call arriving based on time

Reports can be delivered using email, the secure Ansafone client portal, or using a secure FTP site.

If during our needs analysis it’s determined you need custom reports to satisfy your reporting requirements, Ansafone will create the views you need.

Ansafone offers flexible enterprise reporting options for our clients. Our call center features flexible and integrated technologies to support you. Contact us at (866) 309-3606 to learn more about our call center services and the reporting metrics we can provide. Visit us at to learn more about our complete range of call center services.