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Social Media Customer Services – Voice of the Customer (VoC)

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Social Media Customer Services and VoC

Social media has profoundly changed the communication dynamic between consumers and the brands that want to reach them. In the past, marketers primarily pushed their messages out to consumers by targeting specific markets. Today, marketers are creating more interactive experiences between brands and consumers primarily because consumers are necessitating it. Brands are actively building one-on-one dialogues with their online users and asking them for permission to engage with them. It is also possible for brands to “listen” to consumers’ online comments about their brand (Voice of the Customer – VoC). It’s an excellent opportunity for brands to become more customer-centric by using customer feedback to further improve their products or services. Implementing these marketing approaches is requiring a new level of customer services – Social Media Customer Services.

The social web has changed the dynamic between brands and consumers. Ansafone is here to support you and your brand with call center services specifically designed to deliver social media customer services. Our social media customer service team of experienced and skilled agents at our bilingual contact center will serve as your very own group of knowledgeable brand specialists to provide high touch customer support that your company needs.

The Ansafone VoC (Voice of the Customer) program will provide you with the insights needed to help guide your strategies for engaging users online. We utilize a social media monitoring and analytics platform that captures the “Voice of the Customers” – comments and reviews regarding your brand. From blogs, tweets, reviews, testimonials, and comments written or otherwise shared on social media sites, we’ll discover the threads most important to you and those that might have the most impact on your brand. You’ll gain insights into how consumers view your brand and their potential buying preferences as they communicate about your brand.

Ansafone VoC social media analytics captures positive, neutral, and negative online comments and reviews about your brand that might affect your reputation and ability to sell. Ansafone VoC is an intelligent monitoring platform! Your email inbox will not be filled with uncategorized messages regarding consumer comments. Instead, our system collects the comments, analyzes their content, prioritizes the comments and forwards them to your call center team for response or routes them to your brand resources – brand management, marketing agency, and the PR agency. Ansafone’s VoC call center services will provide you with the insights to know who, how, when, and where to engage with users on the social web.

If you’re uncertain about what actions to take, or want to explore new possibilities for engaging your social web consumers, Ansafone is there to provide you with the analytics that can help guide your steps in participating in the conversation in a relevant way. We’ll flag conversations and identify communication trends regarding your brand. We’ll create appropriate responses focused on delivering a positive customer experience 24/7/365.

It’s never been more important to engage with your consumers. Ansafone VoC will provide you with insights that will help guide your engagement.

Contact us today at (800) 510-0514 to see how Ansafone can provide superior social media customer services to help connect your company and your customer base on a deeper level.